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The Lowara World...

Lowara is a leader in the European residential and commercial pump market. It is part of Xylem, a global world leading water company.

Lowara’s values...

Lowara shares certain fundamental objectives with its customers: creating new products, perfecting quality and improving processes.

Therefore Lowara’s values are centred on its customers. The Lowara people work in teams, since having common objectives is the best way to attain excellence in production and distribution.

In its relationship with co-workers, customers and the outside world in general, Lowara consistently refers to its values: respect for people and the environment, quality of life, innovation, excellence, integrity and the pride of belonging to the team.


Lowara pumps...
engineered for life

Lowara is committed to studying, developing, manufacturing and distributing pumps and pumping systems for water technology applications.
Founded in 1968 and based in Montecchio Maggiore, near Vicenza in Italy, Lowara has been serving customers and users of hydraulic pumps in various sectors for 40 years.
Water is the principle element of life and the common denominator of all applications where Lowara pumps are used.

Lowara pumps are made in fabricated stainless steel, which keeps the water free of contamination.
The laser welding technology creates pumps that are resistent to aggressive chemicals and guarantees that the production process respects the natural environment.
Advanced pump control and regulation systems ensure the safe, reliable and economic use of water.

Lowara Lowara


Our mission...

We will provide efficient and reliable products, services and solutions for the water supply and water pumping needs in the residential, irrigation, building services and commercial markets worldwide, in order to maximize value for our customers, co-workers and shareholders.

Innovation for quality...

Innovation has always been one of Lowara’s distinctive characteristics, as the offer of quality needs to be maintained and developed over time.
Lowara invests economic, human and technological resources in training and research in order to ensure continuous improvements of its products and processes.

As a part of Xylem, Lowara also shares the most advanced research, design and industrial engineering skills with other Group Companies.
This wealth of knowledge enhanced Lowara’s innovation capabilities.


Lowara offers a complete range of pumps for residential, agriculture and industrial applications.

For residential service, Lowara produces pumps for pressurisation, conditioning, fire-fighting systems, lifting stations and dewatering.

For irrigation, Lowara produces pumps for agriculture applications, irrigation of gardens and parks.

For industrial applications, Lowara is committed on drinking water process, on water treatment, industrial washing equipment and machine tool cooling.

Lowara Lowara


Global distribution...

Lowara serves the global market directly or through the distribution network of other companies.

Lowara operates its own branches throughout Europe and is capable of reaching every market in the world from its distribution centre in Montecchio Maggiore.

Lowara’s services organisation guarantees its customers consultancy, assistance, accurate and timely information along the entire distribution chain.

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