Loop 4U

Lowara pump selector

Tired of scrolling thick paper catalogues with too many options? Let Loop 4U do the job instead. Loop 4U is a selection software specially developed to select and configure Lowara pumps. It’s tailored for consultants, planners and sales engineers needs and Loop 4U finds the best options quick and precise. There’s no need to worry about over- or under sizing pumps for a specific application. Loop 4U matches the given data against a comprehensive database and presents the result in a list that can be sorted and fine tuned to an exact configuration of the pump.

It’s possible to create offers in Loop 4U. By uploading logotype and addresses, the offers can be personalized too.

Loop 4U is installed locally, but the database can easily be updated via the Lowara web. This to ensure the data is valid with a minimum of work.