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Increased flexibility and control from Lowara's new generation Hydrovar variable speed pump drive


A new generation of Hydrovar variable speed pump drive from Lowara is taking pumping to a new level of flexibility and efficiency.

Hydrovar is a pump or wall-mounted variable speed, microprocessor-based system controller, and was the world’s first of its type to manage motor speed and match pump performance to a range of hot and cold water applications.

New Hydrovar Generation takes the original blueprint and enhances it into a modular, flexible and highly efficient drive system.

Hydrovar’s unique modular design needs no additional master control, and enables virtually any configuration of pumps: up to 8 master drives or a mix of master and slave drives. This is the long-awaited solution for high-level installations requiring failsafe systems with a superior range of features, while its modularity also provides a cost-effective solution for low-level, reduced feature demands.

Hydrovar can be mounted onto virtually any make or model of pump – the same innovation its predecessor introduced to the market. It can be mounted during new installations or retrofitted onto existing pumps, and is simple to integrate into BMS systems with ModBus communication as standard.

This eliminates the need for expensive additional master control panels and circuitry. In fact, everything’s included in one compact unit – asynchronous motor, microprocessor, controller, sensors, upgraded management software and a comprehensive back-lit LCD control panel.

System contingency is paramount with Hydrovar. In the event of a pump failure, Hydrovar can maintain continued service and outgoing pressure through other pumps(s) – whether controlled directly or as slaves. That means continued water supply to the user.
Varying the speed of pumps ensures maximum efficiency and when demand is low pumps not required can be automatically switched off. This can contribute to substantial Life Cycle Cost (LCC) savings, with considerably lower running costs and broader energy efficiencies for a green world. In independent tests when compared to mains operated pumps, Hydrovar provided cost savings of more than 70%*.

Pump servicing costs are reduced too. The ‘soft start’ technology ensures no additional load to the pumps during starting, and since they tend to run at a lower speed there’s less mechanical stress and longer maintenance periods.

The applications of Hydrovar are endless, from water-supplying pumping stations and packaged booster units to heating, cooling, filtering, irrigation, purification, washing and sewage pump stations.

The new Hydrovar Generation will be launched on the 26 September 2006 at the Aquatech fair in Amsterdam, and product information is available from Lowara (or Vogel in Austria), both divisions of the ITT Corporation engineering and manufacturing group.

Product notes:
* Tests carried out by TUV Österreich (Austrian testing authority) on 5 March 2005 based on comparative tables and data on intake performance at identical flow.

New Hydrovar Generation features:
* Improved software structure and illuminated display for easy handling and programming
* Easy to integrate into BMS systems - ModBus communication included as standard; Single and Master inverter
* Up to 8 Hydrovar pumps can be connected to one system (Multi-Controller mode)
* Controlling of up to 5 fixed speed pumps with only one HYDROVAR unit (Cascade Relay mode)
* Up to 5 full speed slave pumps, or 7 variable speed slave pumps
* 2 sensor inputs for implementing of two actual value signals within one system (min/max, difference,) or for a second sensor for safety reasons (Master Inverter)
* Different types of sensors supported because of enhanced input signal range (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10Vdc, 2-10Vdc)
* Error Log with Time and date stamp (Real Time Clock included on Master control card)
* Included diagnostic menu to view Temperature, Current and Voltage values facilitates diagnostics and failure analysis
* Extended manual control mode with different fixed speed values selectable via external contact
* Programmable output signals (analogue out / digital out).

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