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Thirsty work in Poland...


Lowara and Vogel have quenched the thirst for quality pumps within Sokpol, a leading Polish drinks manufacturer.

Application: Municipal water supply

They constructed two deep-water wells and installed
Vogel 88TV2SN/HM4D 1852F pumps controlled by a
Hydrovar HV3.22, with a key requirement: an
energy-saving solution with a frequency control
converter that would, in the words of technical manager Piotr Kitala, "work on only as much energy as needed and which would eliminate pressure changes in the system."
Lowara pumps are supplying the production lines with
water. A three-pump system with vertical Lowara SVH
6005F150T pumps controlled by a Hydrovar HV3.15 (15 kW) have a capacity of 180m3 and provide aseptic, stable water pressure for cooling, washing, rinsing and filling the pasteurises. Another three-pump set with horizontal single-stage Lowara SHSH 50-200/110 pumps controlled by a Hydrovar HV3.11 (11 kW) supplies the water for the production of soft drinks and juices.
The aseptic environment enables Sokpol to get higher
quality certification, and will help them remain the
leading Polish company of soft drinks in cartons.

H2O C₂Ontrol

More information about the involved products:

Centrifugal pumps manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel in compliance with EN 733 - DIN 24255
HV 2.015 - HV 4.220
Hydrovar motor mounted pump controller up to 22 kW
HV 3.30 - 3.45
Hydrovar wall mounted pump controller 30-45 kW
HV 1.1
Single phase HYDROVAR without display

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