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High reliability and low costs


Application: Residential Building

Messrs REGA GmbH, located in Konstanz/Germany, is manufacturer of irrigation systems for market garden, indoor riding rings and sports fields.

The versatility of the application is as extensive as the product range which is exclusively sold through specialised wholesalers.

No matter if stationary or mobile, over-ground or under-ground systems, they are always tailored to customer’s needs. This is done under the aspects of an optimized cost/performance ratio, highest reliability and possible low operation costs.


Appropriate Water supply

Automatic irrigation systems are one of REGA’s specialties. While irrigation of indoor horse riding rings, football grounds and tennis courts are normally controlled via quantity and time, farm gardens with their various irrigation methods do need much more sophisticated concepts. With only one installation, all users have to be supplied appropriately. This means, for irrigation “drop-by-drop”, which needs only a few litres per hour, quantity and water pressure have also to be matched as for hand showers, irrigation trolleys and high and low tide systems. To do this, the use of variable speed pumps is required.


Automatic performance adjustment

Automatic irrigation trolleys fitted with fine sprinkler heads need a high permanent pressure as the water shall be spread equally without rinsing-out of the soil the young plants in breeding-groups.

Lowara’s variable speed control system HYDROVAR® ensures a high permanent pressure. All required parameters such as quantity and pressure can easily be set and changed on request. Unlike pumps with fixed speed, which – no matter of the required quantity -, always run full performance, the variable speed control system HYDROVAR® adjusts the pump’s flow rate automatically even to heavy varying demands


Lower energy consumption and long life cycle

Besides the frequency controlled performance adjustment, HYDROVAR® system has smooth start and stop functions. This avoids pressure hammers which may cause damages to the installation, consisting mainly of PVC pipes, and may also stress the pumps. So, the system is safer and pump’s life cycle is increased.





Easy installation, versatile use

Retrofitting of the HYDROVAR® to common motors can easily be done in the performance range from 1,1 to 22 kW. So easily, even afterwards, a fixed speed motor can be changed to a variable speed one. HYDROVAR® control system has BUS interface, which allows communication within a two or more pump system as well as integration into BMS systems. A wall-mounted version is available from 1,1 to 45 kW which is also suitable for control of borehole pumps.


Each system is tested and documented

Already prior to shipment, variable speed pump systems are exactly adjusted to existing operation conditions and dry-tested by REGA. An adjustment protocol is issued, one copy shipped together with system, one copy remains in file archive.

What we ship is functional” said the owner about the quality of his products, “as we do not only select the pumps, but do also calculate the pipelines with its flow resistances”.

A demonstration unit is also located in REGA’s workshop so that customers themselves can test the control system HYDROVAR®., train with parameters‘ adjustment and check the results.


Advantages of HYDROVAR variable speed control system at a glance:

- appropriate water supply by variable speed controlled pumps

- less drive energy by automatic adjustment of pump performance

- long life-time by smooth start function

- easy installation by direct motor mounting

- easy operation by touch key and diagnostic menu


H2O C₂Ontrol

More information about the involved products:

HV 2.015 - HV 4.220
Hydrovar motor mounted pump controller up to 22 kW
HV 3.30 - 3.45
Hydrovar wall mounted pump controller 30-45 kW
HV 1.1
Single phase HYDROVAR without display

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